Learning To Type – How Fast Do You Type?

I came across this video today and was amazed!  I’m sure McKenzie could stomp Mr. A in a typing contest. 

Whiz Kid Typist

Many of my students are hunt and peck typist and with no formal training until they hit the Middle School I think that it would be appropriate to learn proper technique on their own.  Below are some websites where kids can go to learn and practice typing skills.


I will update more later…

Conflict In Literature – A Simple Google Doc Template and Lesson

Last week I taught a powerful lesson on ‘character conflict in literature’. This lesson came out of the grades 6-7 Interactive Read Alouds by Linda Hoyt; the lesson was taught to my 4-5 challenge students.  The lesson used the book Faithful Elephants:

This true story is a tear-jerker! The story is laden with conflict, and in the lesson you work as a class to break down 4 types of character conflict: character vs. character (external), charcater vs. self (internal), charcater vs. nature (external), and character vs. society (external).  The students used a premade organizer that came with the lesson.  The next day (in step with the Gradual Release of Responsibility Model) the students worked in pairs to synthesize information from thei S.S. book (A History of Us) a few chapters on Christopher Columbus.  The students used the following Google Docs template to organize the conflict examples they collected.  This lesson was powerful and thanks to Google Docs I am able to easily keep track of what my students are thinking as they work through their assignment.

12-16-2009 4-00-37 PM

IAG / IDOE High Ability Conference Poster Session

I am so excited to be able to present my poster session at the Indiana High Ability Conference. The Title of my session is The Connected Classroom: How Google Apps, Blogging, and Web 2.0 Can Transform Your Classroom. If you are interested in getting Google Apps going in your school or district I would be glad to help you along the way!

Slides from the poster session: