Opportunities To Discuss Thinking

I think it is critical that we give students opportunities to discuss what they are thinking.  When I was teaching in the classroom, discussion was a huge part of how I guided students to higher order thinking. Along with book club and small group discussion I also used frequent mini discussion times such as a “pair and share”.

I subscribe to the Heinemann channel on YouTube and they often post some yummy instructional morsels, and the one below is no exception.

The over dramatic (I had to preface the viewing of this video with some warning) teacher in the video presents the idea of “Thinking Partners”.  I like that term.  What I really liked is how she modeled to students the appropriate way to interact with your “thinking partner”.  These first few weeks are crucial moments in setting up procedures for the year.  How do you model “pair and shares”, “buzzing” (Fountas and Pinnell), or “thinking partners” with your students?

Search Your Youtube Favorites via Google Reader

I love when I find little nuggets just playing around with Google’s data APIs!  I favorite a lot of videos on Youtube, and I use to use a Userscript to search those videos on Youtube. The problem with this script is that Youtube was constantly upgrading and the script was not.  So I have wanted to find a way to search my favorites so tonight I went on a Google API mission, and I’m happy to report the mission was accomplished!

To subscribe to your youtube favorites, or another user’s favorites follow these steps:

1.  Use this html code (found at: http://code.google.com/apis/youtube/2.0/developers_guide_protocol.html#Favorite_Videos)


substitute the username for the name of the username of the users favorites you want to create a feed for.

so my favorites feed looked like this:


for a list view use:


2. Copy and pase this url into your Google Reader subscribe button and bada bing you have all your favorites in your Google Reader, tag and search galore! The best thing is that it will automatically update as you favorite more videos!