Hard To Read Fonts and Comprehension

Ok, so I hate comic sans! The abstract Clipped/Ampd below has me thinking twice though!

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Abstract: Previous research has shown that disfluency – the subjective experience of difficulty associated with cognitive operations – leads to deeper processing. Two studies explore the extent to which this deeper processing engendered by disfluency interventions can lead to improved memory performance. Study 1 found that information in hard-to-read fonts was better remembered than easier to read information in a controlled laboratory setting. Study 2 extended this finding to high school classrooms. The results suggest that superficial changes to learning materials could yield significant improvements in educational outcomes.

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Picture Book Euphemisms

Do you subscribe to “Teach With Picture Books”? If not, then you should do that right now! Today Keith published a great post listing some euphemisms for picture books that can be used when talking ‘pedagogy and picture books’. His list was as follows: trade books, wisdom books, theme books, mentor text, craft models, micro-texts, touchstone texts, and content-area reference books.

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Gates Report Indicates Test Scores A Predictor In Teacher Effectiveness

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A teacher’s past success raising student performance on state tests was one of the strongest predictors of their ability to do it again, the Gates Foundation reported last week, in preliminary findings from a $45 million study of teacher effectiveness in several cities.

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Why The Kids Don't Blog and…

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Teenagers are abandoning blogs, while members of the “G.I. Generation” are flocking to Facebook. These are two of the findings in a new report from the Pew Internet & American Life Project, which put out a similar “Generations” report last year.

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