A Growth Mindset and Our Drive For Perfection

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about the growth mindset.  I recently reflected on Dweck’s article where she helped us all breathe a sigh of relief knowing that we all, and always will, live with the haunting false mindset.  Dweck says “But the path to a growth mindset is a journey, not a proclamation.”  She goes on to encourage us that “If we “ban” the fixed mindset, we will surely create false growth-mindsets. (By the way, I also fear that if we use mindset measures for accountability, we will create false growth mindsets on an unprecedented scale.) But if we watch carefully for our fixed-mindset triggers, we can begin the true journey to a growth mindset.”

My wife and I have been binge watching The Great British Baking Show and in a profound episode during season one (spoiler alert) Ian flubs a part of his bake; and, in a moment of pure frustration he let’s his false mindset gets the best of him and throws his bake away.

Like Ian, often our drive for perfection hinders us from seeing our growth mindset for what it is, and turning the false mindset that creeps into a teachable moment for our growth mindset to triumph.  May we recognize when our false mindset is there, and instead of letting it drive us mad, may we let us drive us forward.