Temple Grandin Reflecting On Visual Thinking

One of the great undiscovered vodcast series is Science Friday’s Desktop Diaries.  The vodcast looks at the desktops of some of the great minds of our time, and more importantly it offers some 1:1 reflection time with those thinkers.  Recently I listened to the Temple Grandin episode, and in it she offers some great insight on visual thinking.  The insight Temple offers ties into the evidenced based practice of visual supports that benefit students with ASD and  also those without ASD.


How You Read To Your Preschooler Matters

I ran across this recent story by NPR.  In the story they highlight the fact that helping kids identify where letters and words are over just reading to them has a significant impact because you are teaching the child to find and follow words on the page, not just listen.  My summary does not do the story any bit of justice so just listen already!

Link to story


Hard To Read Fonts and Comprehension

Ok, so I hate comic sans! The abstract Clipped/Ampd below has me thinking twice though!

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Abstract: Previous research has shown that disfluency – the subjective experience of difficulty associated with cognitive operations – leads to deeper processing. Two studies explore the extent to which this deeper processing engendered by disfluency interventions can lead to improved memory performance. Study 1 found that information in hard-to-read fonts was better remembered than easier to read information in a controlled laboratory setting. Study 2 extended this finding to high school classrooms. The results suggest that superficial changes to learning materials could yield significant improvements in educational outcomes.

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