Let's Start The Wave For 'Google Wave'

I have now been using Wave since late last Saturday evening and I figured it was about time I recorded some of my thoughts down!  Initially when I logged in I was in the shock and awe phase; I just could not get over the fact that I was using this amazing product that has been talked about on every blog and podcast I follow. 

Once the shock and awe wore off I began searching public waves and playing with the interface.  Things I noticed while interacting with Wave:

  • Easily add just about any content you want
  • Collaborate with several people in real time on just about anything imaginable
  • Wave bots can easily be added and the list of Bots available seems to be growing daily
  • Threaded conversations seem more natural to the language of conversation, as opposed to regular email

As an educator I am excited to see how Wave will be used to enhance teaching and learning, and more importantly collaboration!  I can see how this platform will probably, in the near future, combine Gmail and Google Docs, so that you have one blended powerful platform for learning and collaboration.  Once the bugs and the kinks are worked out I think Google should offer this platform via Google Apps for Ed, and allow some specific security controls for it similar to Postini and Gmail. 

I have applied for a sandbox account also so that I can work on learning to develop bots for Wave.  Educators, what kind of bots/gadgets would you like to see available for yourselves as teachers? and for your students? 

Wave Extension List:

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