Breakout EDU Box Organizer Cards

I designed the following Breakout EDU box organizer cards to help keep boxes organized in a digital kind of way.  If you click the links it should bring prompt you to create a copy in your Google Drive. I use the URL shortener Chrome extension to create the QR Codes and links with the Google Drawings.  Once you have the files the way you want them in Google drawings simply print in 5×7 (4 per page), laminate, hole punch, and put on a single binder ring.

Breakout EDU Overview and Additional Resources Card: Copy Editable File To Google Drive

Breakout EDU Additional Resources


Breakout EDU Current Lock Combos and Reset Instructions: Copy Editable File To Google Drive

Breakout EDU Current Lock Combos and Reset Instructions


Breakout EDU Current Combo Spreadsheet (Link this in the Google drawing above after you share it!): Copy File To Google Drive

Copy of BreakoutEDU Current Lock Codes   Google Sheets

Breakout EDU Timers and Slides: Copy File To Google Drive

Breakout EDU Timers and Slides QR


Stay Calm! No, Seriously – STAY CALM!

Today I had the privilege of taking my CPI refresher class.  I love this training!  For years I was a certified trainer, and I truly can’t say enough about the great things CPI does!

My colleague and trainer today shared the fabulous clip below.  It was a great reminder that as leaders (teachers, administrators, and more!) we must remain calm, cool, and collected when we face even the toughest of circumstances.  Our calm is contagious and those you lead are watching!  What kind of contagion will you spread today?


A Growth Mindset and Our Drive For Perfection

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about the growth mindset.  I recently reflected on Dweck’s article where she helped us all breathe a sigh of relief knowing that we all, and always will, live with the haunting false mindset.  Dweck says “But the path to a growth mindset is a journey, not a proclamation.”  She goes on to encourage us that “If we “ban” the fixed mindset, we will surely create false growth-mindsets. (By the way, I also fear that if we use mindset measures for accountability, we will create false growth mindsets on an unprecedented scale.) But if we watch carefully for our fixed-mindset triggers, we can begin the true journey to a growth mindset.”

My wife and I have been binge watching The Great British Baking Show and in a profound episode during season one (spoiler alert) Ian flubs a part of his bake; and, in a moment of pure frustration he let’s his false mindset gets the best of him and throws his bake away.

Like Ian, often our drive for perfection hinders us from seeing our growth mindset for what it is, and turning the false mindset that creeps into a teachable moment for our growth mindset to triumph.  May we recognize when our false mindset is there, and instead of letting it drive us mad, may we let us drive us forward.


The EdAdmin Minute 352: The Horizon Report Defines Makerspaces

In today’s daily dose of The EdAdmin Minute I share a brief definition of “MakerSpaces” from the Horizon Report.

Show Links:

Horizon Report