Indiana School Safety Specialist Academy Notes

  • Henryville IN – lesson…not putting kids in large spaces like a gym for any type of severe weather
  •  Michael Dorn…director of Safe Havens International
  • “I Focused too much on one type of risk”…example from MDS police chief days
    • You focus too much on one thing you don’t do other things well
  • Prevention – keeping bad things from happening
  • Mitigation – minimizing the effect of a crisis
  • Lines….why are teachers in the front?
  • Double rows in fire drill
    •  Teaching them to fast walk for fire drills
    • 30% quicker ( Las Vegas school study)
  • Connection between test scores and safety)
  • Murals reduce violence, increase safety
  • Clark county Nevada – school safety
    • Mapping of incidents
    • Increased supervision
  • Space management!
  • Parent does not respond to going back to the office….call a lockdown
  • Employees start fire drill
  • Bruce Siddle – sharpening the warriors edge
  • Gary Klein – sources of power
  • Georgia grenade example
  • Three dimensional planning
  • Custodian need guidance (Klein)
  • Scenario with weapon on bus or angry parent on bus
  • Evansville video – 2 min protocol video
    • Lockdown, chemical, etc
  • Unauthorized media interviews
  • Hancock county training video
  • Creating a culture of preparedness
  • Vest for crisis management team…identifies you in times of a crisis
  • Vest for crisis areas…triage
  • Food service one of the most neglected pieces of crisis management
  • Batteries charged on walkers for night events
  • Best known safety device is a careful person (picture)
  • How clean are your bathrooms
  • Site surveys with several people, lots of different perspectives
  • Clean=safe
  •  See something, say something….teach students to find dangerous things
  • Teacher names…outside doors are dangerous
  • Acquire vendors to teach you to do assessments yourself
  • South Africa pay based on attendance rate
  • Supervise closely, you are sending messages
  • Drills and Excersices
    • Free courses on FEMA
    • Drills and Excersices, along with planng and training helps you not get into careless problems
    • Stay calm
      • Controlled breathing…combat breathing
      • Training
      • Drills
      • Mental simulation
      • Need to supervise closely
    • Progressive Exercise Program
    • Plans and procedures test equipment not people
    • Room clear protocol
    • Tabletop Excersice
      • 10 min at staff meeting
    • Functional exercises
    • Full-scale exercises
      • People participating, can be identified
    • Excersices should help meet goals
    • Taking defibulator out?
  • Press mic to throat on stereo blocks out background noise and they still can hear you…practice
  • Practice different protocol lockdown
  •  Health situation …can’t get through call 911
  • Complete online training by April 8th
Dr. Bernard James – Schools Safety and the Law
  • Wisconsin 6th graders outlaw cyber bullying
  • What does it take to maintain a safe and effective learning environment when the symptoms of GE illness are right before our eyes.
  • No legal barrier on restraints
  • Portal to portal state
  • Courts agree hat the import text – spillover from Facebook etc…increases authority — geography case test
  • Use of Role Model theory
  • Interagency agreement with Carmel Police
  • Indiana Law 31-39-9-1
    • “May” share information, but can say no
  • SRO questioning in Indiana
    • Miranda does not apply when:
      • The SRO is asked by the administrator to be present at the questioning
      • The SRO does to provide the questions, ask any questions, or in any other way conduct
      • Our SRO and fifth amendment does not apply when you follow the rule of this case
        • State v. C.d. 947 N.E. 2d 1018(Ind CT. App. 2011)
  • Can search contents of cell phone via law…policies may dictate this
Kenneth Trump—School Security Blog
  • Deal with small problems while they are small problems
  • The fourth R on schools is Relationships
  • Managing bullying: a framework

1. Supervision and security

  • Dr. Ronald Pitner – supervision
  • Schools can cut down on violence if they identify the specific hotspots within the school where students feel violence is likely to occur
    • What are the hotspots in our school

2. School discipline and classroom management

  • Firm, fair, and consistent

3. Criminal and civil law

4. School climate strategies

  • Respect, trust, diversity, belonging/connectedness, pride and ownership
5. Mental health support for Cullen and langman
6. Effective communications
 Please move the deer crossings…,YouTube
  • Understanding the adults
    • Fast food society
    • Tunnel vision
    • No room for others
    • Understand, anticipate, structure encounters, and train for the irate
    • Dealing win info at the speed of light
  • We have had a 3D policy deny, defend, and distract
  • School officials fail to build positive relationships
    • Publicize our training
  • Parent expectations
    • Acknowledge the incident, not deny it
    • Explain how and why it happened
    • Demonstrate an understanding of the concerns of hose impacted
    • Identify steps taken to helpthosewho are injured or aggrieved

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