Track Your Districts Return On Investment

Data, data, data.  We are surrounded by information and data that is always at our fingertips, the problem is that we sometimes have a hard time organizing that data and using it for good.  Recently I came across a website that  offered some insightful data in a well organized way.

The Center of American Progress recently created an amazing interactive data map.  The map allows you to view your district’s rate of improvement in regards to their per pupil spending investment.  The map allows you to interact with data and see how you stack up compared to neighboring districts and states.  View the map HERE.

In the current tumultuous financial seas our districts navigate school stakeholders are going to need to look for ways to get more bang for the taxpayer’s buck.  In my opinion, districts need to start looking at implementing open source operating systems, open source software, and open educational resources.  This needs to be done with true learning in mind as well as rigorous, non-shackled, evaluation for leaders and teachers.

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